How We Work

Our Mission

We aim to end homelessness across Fife by taking action to prevent homelessness and through supporting people to transform their lives for independent and sustainable living.


Our Working Philosophy

We believe homelessness is everyone’s responsibility and that lives can be transformed for independent and sustainable living by challenging social stigma and by creating opportunities for homeless people to have the freedom to make informed choices.

We aim to tackle the underlying causes and symptoms of homelessness and poverty through early intervention and prevention as well as through offering support to those in crisis and at risk. Our work is founded on strength based approaches. We accept everyone’s life experiences can and should be harnessed and developed to realise lasting change.


Our Core Values

As a team, we strive to be professional at all times and are committed to upholding regulatory standards and core values.  In everything we do, we will:

  1. work with efficiency
  2. have integrity
  3. be responsible
  4. remain positive about our business, our service and our clients