Susan's Story

Susan is a young care leaver and has experienced homelessness in the past. She had received Short-term Housing Support from FLF previously and re-contacted us as she wanted support to address her addictions issues. She had a street diazepam addiction and frequent alcohol abuse.  

Susan engaged with Anthony (FLF’s Recovery Link Service). An ADP Triage Assessment was undertaken, during which she disclosed that she was really struggling to maintain her tenancy due to her substance misuse and had incurred substantial rent arrears. A referral was made to Frontline Fife Housing Advice Service to assist Susan with her rent arrears and to FLF’s Short-term Housing Support to help her to maintain her tenancy. Susan was also missing appointments to address her addictions and agreed for a referral to be made to NHS Addiction Services. Anthony suggested drug and alcohol counselling but Susan did not feel she was ready for this, but was supported to attend NHS Addiction Services and was prescribed with diazepam to taper off the street version.   

With this holistic approach, Susan was given the best chance of a successful outcome. She has now cleared her rent arrears and her benefit issues have been resolved. She continues to be in recovery in a better position than she started, with hopes of moving to a different area. 

(Susan is not the client's real name - this was used to maintain anonymity)