Ann's Story

Ann presented to FLF’s Housing Advice service. She had registered as homeless and was currently staying with her ex-partner and child. She needed help to clarify her housing options and Fife Council’s allocation procedure. She had a number of health issues which meant that the offers she had received were not suitable.  

Ann received help from James (Housing Advisor) who made a referral was made to FLF’s Short-term Housing Support Service and was supported by Iona. Ann disclosed that she was undergoing domestic abuse and that her ex-partner was threatening to take access away from her child if she moved into temporary accommodation. She had engaged with Fife Women’s Aid, but they were unable to assist. 

Ann’s relationship with her ex-partner further deteriorated and FLF raised a cause for concern with Social Work. Iona provided emotional and practical support and assisted her to look for alternative accommodation. Her mental health was deteriorating and this was affecting her ability to process information and make decisions. A close relative died suddenly and an ongoing legal dispute over access to her child further impacted on her mental health. 

Iona and James worked together to help Ann to deal with problems which arose and engage with mental health professionals. She secured a private let and was supported to resolve disrepair issues. A successful application was made to the Scottish Welfare Fund for furniture and white goods and she moved into the property.  

Ann was further supported to apply for and start a course at college and she is engaging with mental health professionals. She now has regular access to her child and her situation has now stabilised. 

(Ann is not the client's real name - this has been used to maintain anonymity)